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Suber’s Fundraising Rubric

Ever been asked the question… “What’s your fundraising plan?” I’m sure that if you haven’t by now, you will at some point. Through this post I hope to give you a framework for answering that very question, but with very in depth analysis and executable steps.

While working in Notre Dame’s Development Office I notice how fragmented the “gifting” process was handled internally, and for VERY good reason. EVERY donor has his/her place inside the Suber Fundraising Rubric (SFR). Just be careful that you don’t decide for your donors where they should be slotted.

Think of the SFR as an illustrative way of identifying where your donors fit into your organization based on their annual, or even potential giving. Are they great annual fund supporters that give at year-end, or are they big project donors that prefer only to be called upon when you have a specific need that must be met. Again, EVERY donor has a place, AND they should be treated unequally.

What is the Suber Fundraising Rubric?
Get yourself a blank piece of paper. Turn the paper to landscape layout. Draw four vertical lines, spaced evenly from left to right. At the top of the far left column write “Annual Fund”. In the next column write “Major Giving”. Then “Leadership Giving” and “Principal Giving in the next two columns. Finally, “Planned Giving” in the last column. Now draw a horizontal line beneath all of your headers, leaving lots of space beneath them all.

Now in each column, in bullet point fashion, write down all of the activities, protocols, and agreements that your organization has in place as they relate to Engagement, Cultivation, Solicitation, and Stewardship. If done correctly, at the end of the exercise you should have five neat columns each broken into four distinct sections, consisting of 2-3 bullets points describing your relationship ship with donors in those respective categories. You’ll find that some are more populated than others, and if so you now know where you need help, or more strategic planning in place so as not to miss out on potential gift opportunities.

Be specific! for the “annual fund” “solicitation” section are you taking advantage of new advances in online or mobile text giving. If not, why not. I’m the “planned giving” “stewardship” section, do you have dinners (one-on-one or by group) in place for those donors? If not, why not.

Need more help? Email me ( and I’ll send you a guide… Gratis! My 2014 gift to you.

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