Fatherhood Teaches Me

I’d be fooling myself if I did not say, out loud, that fatherhood has been THE single best teacher for me during this journey to be the best fundraiser that I can be…

Fatherhood teaches patience… Many say that you’ve learned a lesson, or topic well, when you can teach it to others. There is no greater responsibility than raising children, whether they are yours or not. We were once children and sometimes we forget how patient our parents HAD to have been to raise us. Perhaps I’m speaking only about myself… :) It is patience that I find helps me the most. I am blessed by the presence of our children, and the many young men and women that God places in my path to help develop. I am a better man because of it.

Fatherhood also teaches ultimate responsibility… During my time at Notre Dame we coined the phrase “ultimate responsibility” to further define who, under any/all circumstances we were to rely on when all else failed for our benefactors. When all else fails, father’s ought to be responsible… without question. Ultimate responsibly demands courage, restraint, resolve, and most all great character.

Last but not least, fatherhood teaches development of one’s legacy in life… We are remembered most by what we leave behind… our family, our stories, our presence. Our children, the way they conduct themselves and live their lives, are our legacy. Our stories, the spirit behind the words, are our legacy. Our presence, the glowing smiles at the mention of your name to those who know you best, are our legacy. Without legacy, who are we really.

Patience, ultimate responsibility, and legacy… the cornerstones to great development work. No one is more important than the other, and no two create a lasting relationship with benefactors. Be patient, take ultimate responsibility, and understand the legacy your benefactors hope to leave. Do all three and you’ve done far more than most…

Happy Father’s Day!


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