20 Unusual Uses for Honey

Absolute MUST READ | http://dld.bz/app8y

I found this article to be pretty compelling… so much so that it deserves a spot today! The life of a fundraiser is most about the “meet”. What’s the “meet”? It’s the time we spend mostly in front of our benefactors. I have had the pleasure of engaging my benefactors at some of the most breathtaking backdrops. Those backdrops come with some amazing meals & cocktails! That’s exciting… all well and good, BUT it’s the area where our role can hurt your health. The “meet” is ALL about moving forward the aspirational agenda of the benefactor AND finding more ways to connect to him/her on a graduated personal level. It’s not about gaining weight, and loosing metabolism speed. Nearly everything that we do involves a meal, cocktail, or some sedentary event. If not taken in moderation, or with some significant balance (working out regularly, or having good muscular genes & muscle memory, this is lucky me ;)) this work could be harmful to many.

Why is honey so relevant? Given the writeup, which I believe lacks serious credible scientific backing, I nonetheless tend to espouse to many of the bullet points that are mentioned. They work! The three most relevant to me are: honey based moisturizers (we use Burts Bees, Milk & Honey lotion), honey & tea (my wife and I enjoy a cup of green tea w/ honey & lemon every night when I am actually at home, no sodas), honey with my cocktails & cigars (you must try it to believe it). I’m glad that I had the habit of weaving honey into my everyday life before I read this article. This is me giving myself a BIG ‘ol hug for taking care of me!

Go get yourself some Honey! “Try it, you just might like it” (anonymous quote)…



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2 responses to “20 Unusual Uses for Honey

  1. Have you tried a cocktail called The Beekeeper? I first had it here in Maine at a restaurant called Local 188. Part mead from Maine Mead Works; part Cold River vodka. 100% tasty!

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